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Themes represent new and developing areas of nutritional science, they exist to promote and support the advancement of nutritional science. They support member focused interests, representing a more balanced portfolio and constituency between Theme Leads.  Each Theme is led by a Theme Lead who acts as a direct link between you, the members, and the Science Committee.

The Special Interest Groups (SIGs) within each theme support members with specific areas of interest to ensure that the needs of the membership and their interests are fully supported.


Frequently Asked Questions about (SIG) Special Interest Groups for members.

What is a Special Interest Group (SIG)?

SIGs provide recognition and support for specific areas of member’s interest. This Theme-based initiative has been introduced to ensure that the needs of our growing membership and its varied research areas are fully supported.

How many SIGs are there?

We currently have seven Special Interest Groups:

  • Diet and Health of Ethnic Minority Groups
  • Global School Health and Nutrition
  • Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Cancer
  • Nutrition in Healthy Ageing
  • Phytochemicals and Health
  • School Food Systems
  • Workplace Diet and Health


Can anyone be a member of a SIG?

You need to be a current member of The Nutrition Society to be a SIG member as SIGs are a membership benefit. For more membership information you can see here.

Who runs the SIG?

Each SIG sits within one of our Themes and members of the Society can apply to run a SIG. The members who have applied and been approved to start the SIG will chair the SIG.

How can I join a SIG?

It’s simple, please complete and submit the online application form here.

Can I join more than one SIG?

Yes, members are welcome to join as many SIGs of interest as they wish.

What happens in the SIGs?

SIGs share information and best practice, and champion novel areas of nutrition research. SIGs may also support collaborate with relevant external partners, and stakeholders or could support regional activities. SIGs host events of interest to their networks, such as careers events or gatherings to build research capacity or convene new research groups and facilitate a discussion in the forum on Member-Connect.

These networks will be an excellent way to develop professional contacts and to share interests.

Can I propose a SIG?

All members can submit applications for SIGs. This will be a rolling application process with no deadline in the first instance. Propose your Special Interest Group by completing the form.

How can I interact with other SIG members?

Some of the SIGs use the online discussion platform Member-Connect to hold initial debates and talk through issues. Log on to Member-Connect via your member area and start your discussion in the forum area, where you will find the banner for your SIG.

How do I use Member-Connect?

This helpful guide shows you how to upload information onto the platform.

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