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Keep up to date with the latest cutting edge nutrition research.

Date: Tuesday, 6 December, 2016 - 10:00 Wednesday, 7 December, 2016 - 16:00
Location: London

The local organiser for the 2016 Winter Nutrition Society conference; Dr Bernard Corfe from University of Sheffield and Nutrition Society's Cellular and Molecular Nutrition theme, will host the conference in London from 6 - 7 December. 

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If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Conference Coordinator, Jade Mitchell.

Date: Wednesday, 25 January, 2017 - 14:00 Wednesday, 25 January, 2017 - 15:30

This workshop provides an introductory overview of the emerging field of Nutritional Genomics. During this 90 minute webinar we will cover topics such as basic genetics; examples of diet-gene interaction in chronic diseases; trends and developments in industry as well as where to find further resources. The course has been developed by a registered dietitian with experience of working in the NHS, and who has further certification in Nutritional Genomics from the European Nutrigenomics Organisation in Wageningen (Netherlands) and in South Africa, plus practical experience in the field. 

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Date: Tuesday, 21 March, 2017 - 09:00 Tuesday, 21 March, 2017 - 16:00
Location: Nutrition Society offices, 10 Cambridge Court, 210 Shepherds Bush road, London, W6 7NJ

A critical aspect of the scientific process is the reporting of new results in scientific journals in order to disseminate that information to the larger community of scientists.  Communication of research results contributes to the pool of knowledge within a given discipline.  Scientific journals only accept papers for publication after peer review by a small group of scientists who work in the same field and who recommend the paper be published (usually with some revision).

This one day workshop offers an overview about the different components of a research paper, along with practical advice on how to structure each section and how to draft your paper. In addition, it will also focus on how to enhance your understanding of how the peer review system works, and what editors are looking for in a well-written paper.

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If you have any queries, please contact the Training and Education Manager, Hajnal Zdravics.

Date: Tuesday, 28 March, 2017 - 10:00 Wednesday, 29 March, 2017 - 14:30
Location: Stiring Court Hotel, University of Stirling, Stirling, Scotland

The local organiser for the 2017 Spring Conference; Dr Oliver Witard (Univeristy of Stirling), Dr Derek Ball (Heriot Watt University) and Dr Spiridoula Athanasiadou (Scotland's Rural College and Nutrition Society's Scottish Section Secretary), will host the conference in Stirling, Scotland from 28 - 29 March. 

Diet and exercise are of crucial importance to human health and performance across the lifespan.

The main purpose of this conference is to review the latest scientific evidence that demonstrates the interaction between nutrition and exercise in terms of maintaining and/or improving metabolic health and well-being, preventing disease and optimising performance.  The scientific programme has been designed to provide up-to-date opinion and research from international experts across the field of nutrition, exercise and health, with the topic areas divided into three main sessions over two-day conference.


Call for abstract deadline: Midnight on 29 January

Early bird registration discount expires: Midnight on 29 February

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Registration will open soon.  If you have any queries, please contact the Nutrition Society Conference Coordinator via email.

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