The Board of Trustees continually monitors the activities of The Nutrition Society to ensure that they are fulfilling their charitable purposes and the pursuit of the objects as a registered charity.  The consideration of public benefit is at the heart of the Society’s policy, strategic and operational performance.  In pursuing its objects, the Society continues to seek to build a wide range of partnerships and collaborations to promote scientific understanding, foster ethical behaviour and help address global nutritional challenges.

Memoranda of Understanding

The Nutrition Society has signed Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with other Nutrition Societies around the world. These are joint initiatives between the two Societies for improved understanding and co-operation, in nutritional matters of common interest and concern, on an equal and reciprocal basis.  

Areas of co-operation include:

  • Exchange visits of speakers at Society conferences
  • Exchange of Society information and publicity
  • Joint meetings
  • International co-study
  • Scientist exchanges
  • Training
  • Publications
  • Joint funding opportunities and improved research collaboration