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The Nutrition Society has six scientific journals which are published by Cambridge University Press. For more information on each journal please click on each journal below.  For information on how to submit a paper, please see the information provided under each journal.

If you are interested in submitting a paper to one of the Nutrition Society journals, please select the journal most relevant to your paper for full contributor instructions.

Open Access Publishing

Cambridge University Press has a number of 'Read and Publish' agreements with institutions to support Open Access (OA) publishing in the Society’s journals. These agreements cover the Article Processing Charge (APC) for authors from affiliated institutions who wish to publish OA. To see if you could waiver your APC, please click here.

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British Journal of Nutrition

Editor in Chief
Professor John Mathers
Director, Human Nutrition Research Centre
Newcastle University, UK
The British Journal of Nutrition (BJN) is a leading international, peer-reviewed journal of nutritional science. Established by the Nutrition Society in 1947, it publishes mainly primary research, including systematic reviews and meta-analyses, and short, topical reviews across the range of nutrition disciplines.

Impact Factor
3.6 (2022)


Public Health Nutrition

Editor in Chief
Dr Charlotte Evans
Associate Professor
University of Leeds, UK
Public Health Nutrition (PHN) is a gold open access journal focusing on the promotion of good health through nutrition and the primary prevention of nutrition related illness in the population. The journal provides an international peer-reviewed forum for the publication and dissemination of research aimed at understanding the causes of, and approaches and solutions to nutrition-related public health achievements, situations and problems around the world.

This international journal is essential reading for epidemiologists and health promotion specialists interested in the role of nutrition in disease prevention; academics and those involved in fieldwork and the application of research to identify practical solutions to important public health problems.

Impact Factor
3.2 (2022)

Proceedings of the Nutrition Society

Editor in Chief
Professor Alison Gallagher
Head of the Doctoral College
Ulster University, UK
Proceedings of the Nutrition Society publishes papers and abstracts presented by members and invited speakers at the scientific meetings of The Nutrition Society and, on occasion, those of partner societies. The journal provides an invaluable record of the scientific research currently being undertaken, contributing to 'the scientific study of nutrition and its application to the maintenance of human and animal health.' The journal is of interest to academics, researchers and clinical practice workers in both human and animal nutrition and related fields.

Impact Factor
7.0 (2022)

Nutrition Research Reviews

Editor in Chief
Professor Christine Edwards
Professor of Nutritional Physiology
University of Glasgow, UK
Nutrition Research Reviews offers a comprehensive overview of nutritional science today. By distilling the latest research and linking it to established practice, the journal consistently delivers the widest range of in-depth articles in the field of nutritional science. It presents up-to-date, critical reviews of key topics in nutrition science advancing new concepts and hypotheses that encourage the exchange of fundamental ideas on nutritional well-being in both humans and animals. Nutrition Research Reviews also publishes scoping and substantive systematic reviews.

Impact Factor
5.7 (2022)

Journal of Nutritional Science

Editor in Chief
Professor Bernard Corfe
Professor of Human Nutrition & Health
Newcastle University, UK
Journal of Nutritional Science (JNS) is an international, peer-reviewed, online only, open access journal that welcomes high-quality research articles in all aspects of nutrition. The underlying aim of all work should be, as far as possible, to develop nutritional concepts. JNS encompasses the full spectrum of nutritional science including public health nutrition, epidemiology, dietary surveys, nutritional requirements, metabolic studies, body composition, energetics, appetite, obesity, ageing, endocrinology, immunology, neuroscience, microbiology, genetics, molecular and cellular biology and nutrigenomics. JNS is willing to consider studies reporting negative results, providing that they make a clear contribution to nutritional knowledge - such as by challenging current orthodoxy, or the inability to reproduce important recent findings. JNS welcomes Primary Research Papers, Brief Reports, Review Articles, Systematic Reviews, Workshop Reports, Letters to the Editor and Obituaries.

Gut Microbiome

Editor in Chief
Professor M. Andrea Azcarate-Peril
Associate Professor
UNC School of Medicine, USA
Gut Microbiome is an open access journal, co-published by Cambridge University Press and The Nutrition Society, with the aim of supporting the development of an integrated, interdisciplinary understanding of the gut microbiome. The journal focus on the contributing factors that influence the gut microbiota and in turn how the gut microbiome impacts the health, development and disease status of the whole human body. The scope includes research dedicated to the role that different diets, pharmaceuticals and nutraceutricals, prebiotics and probiotics have in shaping an individual’s microbiome composition. Studies on animals will be welcomed when relevant to understanding the human microbiome and its interactions. Research on non-gut microbiomes will also be in scope if they have interactions with the gut microbiome; for example the interplay of the mother’s vaginal and skin microbiome in seeding the child’s gut microbiome. Notably, the journal will include the newly emerging field of research focusing on how the gut microbiome influences the immune and nervous systems.
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