Governance of The Nutrition Society

The Nutrition Society's governing body is the Board of Trustees, who are Directors of the company as well as charity Trustees. The Board of Trustees are responsible for all aspects of the Society's work, including setting the Society's policies and strategic direction.  The Trustees also ensure the Society's Articles of Association and Rules of the Society continue to meet Charity Commission standards (the UK government body that regulates charities).

Annual Charity Meeting (ACM), elections and voting

Elections for the Board of Trustees, Advisory Council, and Section posts are held annually to fill vacancies caused by retirements. Nominations for vacancies on the Board of Trustees, Advisory Council, and Sections are sought from the membership via email after being advertised below.  All current members of the Nutrition Society with three or more years of consecutive membership are eligible to nominate themselves or a fellow member to stand for election.  The Board of Trustees and Advisory Council also nominate suitable candidates for election to Board of Trustee or Advisory Council vacancies. Where there is more than one nomination for a vacancy, then a ballot of the membership is held and the results are announced at the Annual Charity Meeting (ACM).

All members except student members can vote for elected members to fill vacancies. Student members vote in a separate process for a Student Section Chair who sits on the Advisory Council and leads the Student Section, for a period of two years.