The Diet and Health of Ethnic Minority Groups SIG falls under the theme of Nutrition in the treatment, management and prevention of disease

 The intention of this SIG is to promote research in ethnic diversity, nutrition and health; explore differences and commonalities for diet related health in the existing evidence; share and develop ideas to generate new evidence; share emerging evidence, share learning, tools and resources and promote inclusive interdisciplinary approaches; promote dialogue across and within disciplines towards informing policy resulting in improved health outcomes for ethnic and migrant health.

The SIG is unique and aligns with The Nutrition Society's Strategic Plan (21-26),  in particular with: 

  • Priority (1) the promotion of high-quality evidence-based nutritional science and keeping the Society at the leading edge of nutritional science.
  • Priority (2) support the careers and interests of the membership.

Aims and Objectives 

  • Advocate inclusivity and promote high-quality research and knowledge exchange and research strategies on migrant and ethnic minority nutrition, diet and health to enhance the evidence base specific to nutrition, diet and health
  • Support the interests of members by creating a platform that will bring together researchers, health professionals and others working in nutrition, public health, behavioural and wider sciences to foster share and explore cross-sector approaches underpinned by a framework for operation  
  • Discuss and identify key areas for research to meet the specific needs of ethnic minority and migrant populations
  • Inform policy related research to meet the specific needs of ethnic minority and migrant nutrition, diet and health research
  • Network with international nutrition society members to share evidence and practice.


(Co-Chair): Professor Basma Ellahi, Professor of Public Health Nutrition, University of Chester

Area of Interest: Nutrition and health and dietary practices of minority ethnic communities in the UK with a focus on South Asian communities and chronic diseases

(Co-Chair) Dr Hibbah Osei-Kwasi, University of Loughborough

Area of Interest: Nutrition inequalities linked to migration and ethnicity, dietary practices and its relationship with all forms of malnutrition with a focus on African and Caribbean communities