Dr. Breige McNulty

Section Secretary
UCD Institute of Food and Health, University College Dublin

Dr. Breige McNulty is a lecturer in human nutrition within the UCD Institute of Food and Health. She has spent the last number of years co-coordinating and managing the National Adults Nutrition Survey (NANS) and National Pre-school Nutrition Survey (NPNS). Breige's main research interests combine metabolic and public health nutrition. Her previous academic background focused on metabolic health concentrating on folate and related B-vitamins during pregnancy. Currently, she is focusing on using data from the national surveys to explore factors which influence iodine and iron intakes and status in the Irish population and also to study the relationship between genetics and obesity, wholegrain intake and metabolic health and dietary behaviours in relation to CVD. Breige has work with and produced industry reports for companies such as Danone, Cereal Partners Worldwide, Unilever and the National Dairy Council. She is an invited expert on the ILSI Addition of Nutrients Expert Group and the EFSA Network on Food Consumption Data committees within Europe, in which she represents Ireland.