2022 Silver Medal winner announced - Dr Sarah Berry

Published online: 13 June 2022

Dr Sarah Berry

The Nutrition Society Silver Medal has been assigned annually since 1991 for scientific excellence in the field of nutrition, and is awarded to a member of the Society who is within 15 years of higher degree graduation.

The 2022 awardee is Dr Sarah Berry, King’s College London, UK.

Dr Berry has been awarded the Silver Medal 2022 for her research entitled:

'Personalised nutrition for metabolic health'


Sarah Berry is a Reader in Nutritional Sciences at King’s College London. Her research interests relate to the influence of dietary components on cardiometabolic disease risk, with particular focus on; precision nutrition, postprandial lipid metabolism and food and fat structure. Since commencing her research career at King’s, she has been the academic leader for more than 30 human nutrition studies in cardio-metabolic health. Sarah has made a leading contribution to the knowledge-base on the manipulation of food and fat structure and subsequent effects on lipid and carbohydrate bioaccessibility and postprandial metabolism. 

Sarah is also the lead nutritional scientist on the PREDICT programme of research, assessing the genetic, metabolic, metagenomic, and meal-dependent effects on metabolic responses to food in >30,000 individuals in the UK and US. This research is at the forefront of developments in personalised nutrition and is forging a new way forward in the design and implementation of large-scale remote nutrition research studies integrating novel technologies, citizen science and AI. Sarah is also the academic lead on the Covid Symptom Study Diet and Lifestyle Questionnaire in 1.1 million participants, using remote app-based data collection to assess diet and lifestyle behaviours pre- and during- the Covid-19 pandemic and relationship with Covid-19 risk and obesity.


Dr Berry will be presenting her research on 12 July 2022 at the Society's Summer Conference 2022 taking place in Sheffield.

Congratulations Dr Berry!