The Gazette

The Gazette is the Society’s membership magazine published twice per year.  As well as updates on the Society’s latest activities, it keeps members up to date with news and views of relevance to the nutritional science community. 

The Gazette is sent to all members upon publication and back issues can be downloaded below.

Editor in Chief: Dr Carrie Ruxton, Honorary Strategic Communications Officer

NS Gazette - Winter 2020
In this issue: A busy year for the Society’s journals; 2021 Conference Programme; healthy and sustainable diets in wake of COVID-19, and much more.
Summer 2020
In this issue: Professor Roger Whitehead, The Rise and Fall of Dunn Nutrition in Cambridge; Dr. Ruan Elliott, Cellular and Molecular Nutrition; and much more.
front cover
In this issue:  Julie Lovegrove, President’s Update Nutrition Greats: Sheila (Bingham) Rodwell Through Fat and Thin – A Journey with the Adipose Tissues Update on The British Journal of Nutrition
Front cover
In this issue: Professor Philip Calder: Tempus fugit; Nutrition Greats: Sir Kenneth Blaxter, FRS; Professor Bruce Griffin: The Research Excellence Framework; Dr Dean Sewell, Membership Matters
Front cover
In this issue: Philip Calder: The journey Honorary Fellow: Professor Christine Williams OBE New Initiative: Small member led meetings Governance – It is more exciting than it sounds!
Summer 2018 cover
In this issue: Professor Philip Calder, Seize the day; Professor Jayne Woodside, 30 years of Nutrition Research Reviews; Dr John Brameld, Animal Nutrition in the Society: past present and future
Winter 2017 cover
In this issue: Professor Philip Calder, Flying High; Professor Catherine Geissler, By serendipity into nutrition; Professor Paul Trayhurn, Open access journals - Time for Learned Societies to take control
Summer 2017 cover
In this issue: Professor Philip Calder, Time flies...; Professor Mark Wahlqvist, Moments that mattered - stumbling towards nutritional science; Dr Anne Prentice, The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition
Winter 2016 cover
In this issue: Professor Philip Calder, There is much to celebrate; Professor Roger Whitehead, Some recollections of my scientific life; Professor Paul Trayhurn, The Nutrition Society Awards