STEM for BRITAIN was founded by Dr Eric Wharton in 1997, with the aim of raising the profile of science among Parliamentarians. The event is designed to encourage, support and promote Britain's early-stage and early-career research scientists, engineers, technologists and mathematicians who are an essential part of continuing progress and development of UK research and development. Following Dr Wharton’s death, a number of learned societies have worked together with the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee to continue the competition, and the Nutrition Society is delighted to be taking part once again this year.

The competition

The competition is held at Westminster, in the heart of UK government. Applicants are invited to submit a poster presentation on their recent or ongoing research, with the event aiming to bring together early career scientists with parliamentarians and policy-makers.

Prizes will be awarded for the posters presented in each discipline which best communicate high level science, engineering or mathematics to a lay audience.

The Nutrition Society prize

The Society sponsor a prize for the best nutrition science poster to award excellence in the area, and to raise the profile of nutritional science as a sub-discipline of the Biosciences.