Call for a Government evaluation of the link between nutrition and the gut microbiome with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic

As Chair of the Human Gut Microbiome APPG, Julie Elliott MP has asked Professor Philip Calder, University of Southampton, and Professor Glenn Gibson, University of Reading, to write a statement that she can forward to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, the Rt. Hon. Matt Hancock MP, calling on him to evaluate and assess approaches (and existing/emerging research) to dealing with COVID-19, specifically those related to nutrition, diet and the gut microbiome.

Read the full statement here

With this statement, the Human Gut Microbiome APPG are seeking to encourage the Secretary of State to agree to ask his scientific advisers to consider the emerging evidence. The APPG are seeking supporting signatures to add weight to the statement.  If you would like to add your signature, please email you name, title/role and institution name to Alan Barnard by midnight on 7 May 2020.