The All Party Parliamentary Food and Health Forum (FHF)

The All Party Parliamentary Food and Health Forum (FHF) is an all-party independent forum with the objectives to stimulate well-informed debate as a result of a greater awareness of food policy's significance and to explore and contribute to knowledge, policies and information on food policy, diet and health.

The Forum's main work covers the relationship between food, nutrition, health and the implications of these factors in key areas affecting health in the population.

At the Forum's last meeting of the year members discussed a national food strategy for England with Baroness (Rosie) Boycott, Rose Lasko-Skinner of Demos and Patrick Holden of the Sustainable Food Trust. The meeting followed intense debates in the House of Lords on the need to legislate through the Trade Bill to protect UK food standards in new free trade agreements and on the importance of respecting devolution through the Commons Frameworks in the context of the UK Internal Market Bill.

Click here to view the minutes of the last meeting held on the National Food Strategy for England