The Nutrition Society is a sponsor of the CWT awards, which celebrate the successes in the food and nutrition field to inspire others in this sector to continue the important work they do to support our nation’s health and to advance food and nutrition standards.

The theme for this year’s award is food sustainability, with four award categories to reflect the diversity of career paths in the nutrition field: Charity Food Campaigner of the Year, Nutritionist of the Year; Freelance Nutritionist of the Year; and Nutrition, Food Science or Dietetic Lecturer of the Year.

Commenting on the entries received, Kathy Lewis, Interim Chair of the CWT, said,

"We are delighted with the diverse range and high-quality entries to this year’s Caroline Walker Trust Awards. Every year we are thrilled to hear of so many ongoing initiatives with a common goal of improving our nation’s health that we hope will continue to inspire and enthuse others working in the nutrition field. The focus on sustainable food highlights the many approaches which are being implemented to demonstrate that food which is good for us is also good for the environment."

Congratulations to the shortlisted nominees:

Nutritionist of the Year – Dr Glenys Jones, Rhiannon Lambert, Haleh Moravej
Freelance Nutritionist of the Year – Ms Clemence Cleave, Mrs Charlotte Stirling-Reed
Nutrition, Food Science or Dietetic Lecturer of the Year – Dr Clare Pettinger (University of Plymouth), Dr Adele Costabile (Roehampton University), Dr Christian Reynolds (City, University of London)
Charity Food Campaigner of the Year – School Food Matters, Sustain, Edinburgh Community Food