The Nutrition Society's Scottish Section committee includes a Scottish Section Secretary and nine Committee Members (traditionally known as Ordinary Members) and two student members.  The Scottish Section's remit is to: 

  • Broaden the reach and role of nutrition research within Scotland,
  • Support the Society by helping to shape it's future,
  • Be the voice for the Society's Scottish members to inflence the Society,
  • Enable more networking which can foster collaboration and job prospects for the future,
  • Encourage colleagues to become Nutrition Society members,
  • Help Scottish members engage more by offering them more on a regional basis.

Following the recent Scottish Section Elections, the Nutrition Society is delighted to announce that the following members were elected unopposed to the Scottish Section Committee.


Dr Derek Ball, University of Aberdeen

Ordinary Members

  • Dr Karen Barton, Abertay University (re-elected)
  • James Dick, University of Stirling
  • Dr Janet Kyle, University of Aberdeen
  • Dr Alexandra Mavroeidi, Glasgow Caledonian University
  • Dr Oliver Witard, University of Stirling (re-elected)

The following members will be joining the section members already serving on the committee:

  • Dr Jo Cecil, University of St Andrews
  • Dr Janice Drew, University of Aberdeen
  • Dr Stuart Gray, University of Glasgow
  • Dr Viren Ranawana, University of Aberdeen
  • Celia Alvarez (student member)
  • Marietta Sayegh (student member)

The Society would like to thank retiring Scottish Section Secretary, Dr Spiridoula Athanasiadou (Scotland's Rural College) and Ordinary Members; Dr Emilie Combet (University of Glasgow) and Dr Lindsey Masson (Robert Gordon University of Aberdeen) for their time, commitment and hard work in serving the Society's Scottish Section.