The Nutrition Society 80th Anniversary Awards

Published online: 7 December 2021

80th anniversary award

As the Society celebrates its 80th anniversary year, a special award has been created to recognise members who have made a significant contribution and helped the Society achieve this milestone anniversary.

The 80th anniversary award winners are:

• Professor Philip Calder, BSc (Hons), PhD, DPhil, RNutr, FSB, FAfN

• Dr Katherine Younger, PhD, MSc, RNutr, FAfN, FRSB

• Liz Costin

• Dr Anne Walker, BSc, PhD, FCPP, MNIMH, RNutr

• Dr Jacqueline Landman, FFAfN, RNutr, FRSPH

• Dr Fred Andrews

• Jean Marr FBDA, MBE, RNutr (Posthumous)

• Dr Gail Goldberg, BSc, DPhil (Posthumous) 

Rising stars

In addition to those who have been long term advocates of the Society, The Society's 'Rising Star' Award acknowledges those with a maximum of five years postgraduate experience who have excelled during the early stages of their career and have positively impacted the wider nutrition community as well as the Society.

The Rising stars are:

• Laura B. Kirwan

• Dr Louise Durrant

• Holly Neill

• Dr Orlagh Feehan


Congratulations to the winners.