The Nutrition Society and the Sabri Ülker Foundation are partnering to deliver a conference to provide nutrition education to healthcare professionals.

The Society and the Sabri Ülker Foundation have continued to build on relationships first formed at the Federation of European Nutrition Societies (FENS) Conference in 2019. Both organisations are committed to ensuring the role of nutrition in achieving and maintaining optimal health is better understood by healthcare professionals and the general public at large. The Society supported with the development of the scientific programme, and the Sabri Ülker Foundation has provided funding so healthcare professionals and nutrition scientists can attend for free.

Nutrition for Healthcare Professionals: Achieving healthcare through diet

Taking place as a hybrid event on 25-26 May 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey, the conference will see experts come together to discuss topics aimed at inspiring healthcare professionals to better consider the role nutrition has in achieving and maintaining optimum health.

Focusing on the nutritional status of both UK and Turkish populations, Dr Alison Tedstone, Department of  Health and Social Care, England and Professor Halit Tanju Besler, İstanbul Kent University, Turkey will highlight the key issues and discuss public health interventions being used to address them. Speakers on day one will also discuss how interventions can be used to address obesity, diabetes and hidden hunger, all key public health challenges the two countries are facing.

Speakers on day two will give delegates an insight into the health literacy of the general public before Dr Bekir Keskinkkilic, Turkish Ministry of Health, and Professor Julie Lovegrove, University of Reading take a closer look at Government initiatives being used in both countries. The British Nutrition Foundation and the Sabri Ulker Foundation will also discuss the challenges and successes of nutrition education initiatives being implemented to address current public health challenges surrounding nutrition.

Delegates will have a unique opportunity to identify examples of best practice and highlight resources for healthcare professionals through round table discussion and workshop taking place on day two.

The conference is free to attend online.

The Sabri Ülker Foundation

The Sabri Ülker Food Research Foundation was established in 2009 with the objective of enhancing nutrition science and knowledge, specifically focusing on the Turkish population. The Foundation, funded by the Ülker family, is an independent, scientific, non-profit organisation with a mission to provide the public with accurate and reliable information on foods and nutrition based on science, legislation, and applications at national and international levels.