The Nutrition Society and the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) have entered into a new exploratory partnership. This new project recognises the interrelationships of the needs of managing the environment, including climate, and production and consumption of healthy food. It is a unique opportunity for the professions dealing with the practices and sciences of nutrition and environmental management to find innovative ways of working together for the greater good.

The commitment of this partnership is for The Nutrition Society and CIWEM to work  together in strategic collaboration in the areas of Nutrition Sciences and Water & Environmental Management to promote change through a better mutual understanding of the interaction and inter-dependence of scientific evidence in these fields.

The partnership aims to explore strategic areas of collaboration:

  • Policy (external engagement)
  • Events (conferences and training)
  • Membership (mutual exchanges, joint/cross  competencies)
  • Determining what the joint career opportunities are, and possibly promoting the notion of a joint practitioner
  • Promotion of greater collaboration in education and research.

The Nutrition Society is now looking to establish a Special Interest Group (SIG) for this purpose, drawn from interested parties, which will be responsible for:

  • Identifying the areas of mutual interest
  • Developing collaboration and understandings in those areas
  • Identifying strategies and objectives to deliver the overarching goal.

Any member looking to lead and/or join in with this exciting and relevant initiative should contact the Society’s CEO Mark Hollingsworth at [email protected]