New look and feel

In 2023 many Learned Societies are facing some of the biggest challenges of their histories, and we are no different. Our main income source, publishing, is changing, leading to tighter budgets. Costs continue to increase, both for individuals and organisations, leading to difficult choices of how to spend our money. Above all, in a World of ever-evolving change, we need to remain relevant to current and future members, and the community. But, as we look to become more contemporary, we must remember and respect our history.

Our Trustees and Council Members engaged an external agency to help us ask these questions. The answer is a new look and feel, a renewed sense of purpose, fit for our ambitions for 2023 and beyond. Our appearance is not the only aspect changing, but our full identity, from the way we communicate to how we support the nutritional science community.


A new focus

Our mission is not changing – it remains the same as in 1941 when it was first created: ‘To advance the scientific study of nutrition and its application to the maintenance of human and animal health.’

How we will deliver it is where the changes are happening. A new focus, based on our values:

Leading – A commitment to excellence and advancement of the field of nutritional science

With integrity – Our independence allows us to be transparent, operating at the highest ethical levels

Equitable – Committed to openness, fairness, diversity and equality

Collegiality – Focused on community-building and building long-lasting relationships

Pushing boundaries – Fostering innovation, creativity, and interdisciplinary collaborations


A new look

Our brand is more than just a logo or a colour palette – it’s who we are, what we stand for, and why we’re different. It is a unique combination of language and looks that will keep us authentic, impactful and recognisable. We are calling our new logo, and surrounding 3D patterns, The Nutrition Society Pattern. It is inspired by, and represents, a multiplying effect of people and science coming together – a powerful network.

We hope you’ll agree, that after many months of work, this latest evolution of The Nutrition Society supports this work and provides a contemporary society that any nutritionist would want to be a part of.