The Nutrition Society welcomes the new Editor-in-Chief of Nutrition Research Reviews (NRR), Professor Christine Edwards, University of Glasgow.  

Professor Edward's work encompasses studies of the gut microflora, colonisation of the infant gut, metabolic and bio-availability of phenolic antioxidant, and the impact of dietary carbohydrate on metabolism. She has also coordinated two major EU projects MEDIGUT and INFABIO.  

Read more about Professor Edward's ambition for NRR in this quick fire Q&A:

How did you first become familiar with NRR?                        

It is too long ago to remember, but it was when I was looking for a good review on dietary fibre.

What motivated you to become an editor?

The journal has such a range of excellent reviews on very topical subjects I wanted to be part of the process to ensure the high quality was maintained.

What is your ambition to NRR?

To maintain the high impact of the journal and to increase its reach. The reviews are such an excellent resource for researchers and students, and the in-depth and evidence rich approach is key to this. 

Are you planning any new developments for NRR?

I want to explore the inclusion of scoping reviews which are important to answer key questions in nutrition and nutrition research.

Do you have any advice for those submitting to NRR?

Make sure your subject is novel, topical and focused. Take an in depth approach and be careful to critique the evidence.

The Society would like to thank the previous Editor-in-Chief, Professor Jayne Woodside for her hard work and commitment to NRR.