It is the Society’s great pleasure to announce it will be sponsoring the newly launched ‘One Nutrition Symposium’ at this year’s BSAS 2022 conference. 

‘Animal nutrition is embedded in The Nutrition Society’s 80-year history. The original mission to advance the scientific study of nutrition and its application to the maintenance of animal health is still as relevant in 1941 as it is today.

Working with the British Society of Animal Science (BSAS) supports this mission as well as the animal nutrition community.  This symposium is particularly timely given the importance of sustainable, ethical food systems that promote human, animal, and planetary health. It will create a brilliant platform for open and varied discussion from circular food systems to food labelling, to precision feeding and holistic farming, but most importantly, it will provide a forum for debate on the key issues in this area.’

Highly regarded by the scientific community, The Nutrition Society, is one of the largest learned societies for nutrition in the world and is a not-for-profit membership organisation.

The Societies activities include publishing six renowned journals and six highly regarded textbooks; CPD endorsed conferences and webinars; creating opportunities to network and develop relationships with like-minded individuals and communities, and more.

One Nutrition Symposium 

Taking place on Wednesday 13 April, this symposium will create a platform for open and varied discussion from circular food systems to food labeling to precision feeding and holistic farming. Join the debate and be ready to challenge both speaker and audience views and perceptions!

Speakers | Presentation Titles

  • Emeritus Professor Maggie Gill, University of Aberdeen | Sustaining a viable food chain requires an evidence based holistic approach
  • Dr John Gillialnd, Devenish | The need for greater understanding of delivering existing and novel food products without negative impacts on human and planetary health
  • Professor Andy Salter, University of Nottingham | Alternative proteins for animal and human nutrition
  • Dr Christian Reynolds, City University of London | Food systems solutions for reducing animal product food waste in households

Chair: Professor John Brameld

Nutrition Society Members get an extra £50 registration