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We have a number of media-friendly nutrition experts, with a wide range of backgrounds and expertise,
who are willing to answer queries from journalists on behalf of the Nutrition Society.

If you are a journalist seeking a comment from a registered nutritionist, please contact the Society's office
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Nutrition Society Directory of Experts

Lisa Miles MMedSci RNutr (Public Health)
Lisa has a background in nutrition science and a MMedSci in Human Nutrition. She has over 11 years’ experience working at the World Cancer Research Fund, British Nutrition Foundation (BNF), Department of Health and Coeliac UK. She has covered a wide range of issues in public health nutrition including maternal and infant nutrition, diet and chronic disease (particularly cancer), obesity, physical activity and coeliac disease. Many of Lisa's roles have involved nutrition communications. She has regularly answered media queries on nutrition and have been a spokesperson for BNF and Coeliac UK in TV and radio interviews and has also provided expert comments to the national press. Lisa is currently working towards a Doctorate in Public Health at the London School of Hygeine and Tropical Medicine. 

Charlotte Stirling-Reed
Charlotte is a Registered Public Health Nutritionist who specialises in infant and childhood nutrition. Charlotte has a first-class degree in Nutrition and Human Biology and an MSc in Nutrition, Exercise and Public Health from Bristol University. Charlotte’s areas of interest include: paediatric nutrition, nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding, weight loss and dieting, general healthy eating and nutrition for the elderly. Providing articles and quotes for many magazines such as Red Magazine, Women’s Fitness, The Metro and Pregnancy and Birth magazine (amongst others) has allowed Charlotte to gain a great deal of experience in working with the media. Additionally, Charlotte is a featured expert on a number of online sites such as Mindful Mum, and previously on

Sue Baic MSc RD RNutr
University of Bristol
Sue Baic is Senior Lecturer in Nutrition and Public Health at the University of Bristol. She works in the department of Exercise, Nutrition and Health Sciences and is Programme Co-ordinator for the Master of Science Degree in Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health. Prior to this she worked as a Registered Dietitian in the NHS for 18 years including posts in general practice. Sue has a special interest and experience in promoting and translating nutrition research into practice for the public and the media. Sue was the regional clinical co-ordinator for BBC Diet Trials and has spoken on diet at the Cheltenham Festival of Science.

Anita Bean BSc RNutr
Freelance nutritionist
Anita is a freelance registered nutritionist, as well as a best-selling author and health writer. She specialises in sports nutrition and has written 24 books on nutrition and fitness including The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition, Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes, Healthy Eating for Kids, and Food For Fitness. Many have achieved year-on sales and have been re-published several times. Winner of three major achievement awards in sports nutrition, she writes a regular column for Good Housekeeping and broadcasts regularly on TV and radio. Her recent TV appearances include Sport Wales, BBC1s Ever wondered about food and BBC2s Bank of Mum and Dad.

Moyra Cosgrove BSC (Hons)
Moyra Cosgrove has been involved in healthcare all of her professional life, from microbiological testing in a laboratory, managing leading brands of asthma inhalers and her current work in nutrition and health. Moyra's passion for nutrition started with a desire to feed her own children freshly home-cooked, healthy food back in the 1990's. From there, she went on to study for an honours degree in Human Nutrition when she obtained a 2.1 in the year 2000. Moyra has helped people from all walks of life to address issues including overweight, lack of energy/energy balance and even addictions (from a nutritional perspective). She often works with companies that are working towards Corporate Social Responsibility Awards, who wish to offer nutritional advice to staff. She has also helped people to prepare for running the marathon, where getting the nutrition right can mean the difference between finishing or not. Moyra is often consulted by the media on "Hot Nutrition Topics" and has appeared on BBC Breakfast TV, Sky News live and Radio 5 Live.

Dr Alex Johnstone RNutr PhD
Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health, University of Aberdeen
Dr Johnstone's topics of interest and expertise include: adult obesity, weight loss, appetite, diet composition, food intake, the role of the media in research, and the ethics of research. She conducts diet and weight loss intervention studies in human volunteers and has experience in working with a variety of stakeholders including the press, general public, politicians, policy makers and food industry. She frequently gives TV and radio interviews (including BBC science unit filming, BBC 'Landward' filming, GMTV).

Dr Amelia A Lake RD RPHNutr PhD
Northumbria University
Dr Amelia Lake is a dietitian and public health nutritionist and works as a senior lecturer in public health nutrition at Northumbria University. Amelia's current work is to explore the obesogenic environment. She has a particular interest in the environment of young people and the workplace environment. Her research involves collaborating with urban designers and geographers to examine how the environment interacts with individual's food behaviours. Amelia received her first degree from Glasgow Caledonian University and worked in the Health Service before taking up a research post with Newcastle University, where she completed a PhD. Recently, Amelia has been a committee member of the Association for the Study of Obesity, a council member for the Nutrition Society. Amelia is a member of the British Dietetic Association. A regular contributor to her profession's publications, Amelia has extensive experience of working with non-specialist audiences as well as academics, and has produced various training programmes and related material.

Beckie Lang PhD, RPHNutr
University of Warwick
Beckie is a Research Fellow at Warwick University, involved in a primary prevention intervention study for infants at high risk of obesity. Her research interests are in maternal obesity, pregnancy and the early years. Beckie has had a varied career, working in nutrition communications for both the Medical Research Council and Coca-Cola Great Britain; as the External Affairs Officer for the ASO and as a Research Fellow at Teesside and Warwick Universities. Her enthusiasm for public health nutrition and obesity prevention has led her to work in both print and broadcast media, as well as publishing in the academic press on these subjects. Beckie has a degree and PhD in nutrition and a postgraduate qualification on science communication. Beckie is a member of the Nutrition Society and the Association for the Study of Obesity, and is a registered Public Health Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition.

Dr Carina Norris PhD, RNutr
Registered nutritionist
Registered nutritionist, author and journalist Carina Norris has an MSc in Public Health Nutrition, a PhD in children's nutrition, and specialises in communicating 'healthy eating for all'. She was the nutritionist for Channel 4's Turn Back Your Body Clock, and has written several books on health and nutrition. Carina is regularly called on for interviews and comments (print media, radio and TV) when nutrition is in the news. She has regular nutrition columns in Healthy Magazine, Cook Vegetarian, Natural Health and Tesco food magazine, and also contributes to a variety of other national magazines and newspapers.

Dr Sarah Schenker
Freelance Nutritionist
Registered Dietitian, Accredited Sports Dietitian and Registered Public Health Nutritionist. Sarah works with Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea and has worked as a consultant to Norwich City Football Club and Delia Smith. Sarah has been the media spokesperson for the British Nutrition Foundation and has worked on a diverse range of projects with food manufacturers, caterers, PR consultants, educationalists, government groups, both corporate and small private companies. Sarah has extensive media experience and has been quoted in every national daily newspaper on numerous diet and health issues as well as appearing regularly on TV and radio, from news programmes to reality shows. Sarah regularly writes for magazines, newspapers and journals.

Sara Stanner BSc (Hons) MSc RPHNutr
British Nutrition Foundation
Sara Stanner is a registered public health nutritionist who has been involved in the communication of information about diet and nutrition for over 15 years. She spent 10 years in the Centre for Diabetes and Cardiovascular Research at University College London Medical School and has since worked for the British Nutrition Foundation where she is currently the Science Programme Manager. She holds an honorary role with the Nutrition Society as the Public Engagement Theme Leader and is the 'Lifecoach' answering dietary queries for the Sunday Telegraph. She has written and edited several books for health professionals and the general public and frequently gives TV and radio interviews on a wide range of nutrition topics.

Yvonne Wake (BSc. MSc.)
Registered Public health nutritionist
Yvonne Wake is a public health nutritionist whose main research interests are childhood/teenage obesity and nutrition and the role of the family. She is particularly interested in breastfeeding, being a board member of Baby Milk Action. She used to own and run health clubs/spas for women (including the Gym at the Sanctuary) and has considerable media experience, and regularly gives radio interviews and writes articles on diet and nutritional matters for a range of audiences. Currently carrying out a PhD in Obesogenic Environments with UCL, looking at the lifestyle of 11 – 14 year olds.

Dr Sue Bird
Sue Bird is the Knowledge Exchange Manager in the Department of External Affairs  University of Aberdeen and a member of the University Communications team. Her main responsibility is managing the Knowledge Exchange Programme for the Scottish Government- funded nutrition research at the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health, a school within the University of Aberdeen.  With a background in nutrition research, Sue now has over 20 years experience of science communication, including exhibitions/festivals, web sites, publications, public dialogue events, media work, new media; innovative use of drama and education projects for primary and secondary schools, and the use of food and eating as a medium for engagement. Sue is also involved in the dissemination workpackages of two major FP7- funded EU projects in the field of food and health.

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