Would you like your University to host the Nutrition Futures Student Conference?

Would you like your University to host the Nutrition Futures Student Conference?

Nutrition Futures is the careers and scinec based conference for students and graduates, where students can meet like minded people on similar courses and at a similar stage in their education or career path.  It is organised by the Nutrition Society Student Section in Conjunction with a hosting university.

When is Nutrition Futures?

Nutrition Futures is in the first or second week of September each year.

What does my university gain from hosting Nutrition Futures?

If your university hosts the conference on campus, then it stands to gain financially from any room or accommodation hire.  It also gets your university, and its location, known and it can be a great way to showcase what your university has to offer.

What will I gain from my university hosting Nutriton Futures?

If you start off the bid and become part of the local team of organisers, you can learn from useful transferrable skills such as people and project management skills, which will be fantastic on your CV and could help your future career.  Often you can also attend Nutrition Futures for free as one of the organising team.

What do I need to do to get involved?

The best thing to do if you want to host Nutrition Futures is to talk to your course tutor or directors and inform them of the possibilities.  They can contact the Society for more information too.  Detailed costings for room hire etc will be needed later.

How many rooms etc. are required?

Nutrition Futures involves students presenting their research, so often a main auditorium and up to five smaller rooms will be needed all close by, for research presentations, photography headshots and CV clinics.  In addition, space for a registration area, cloakroom and secure luggage storage will also be needed.  Also, space for coffee and lunch breaks, this does not have to be all seated, as standing lunches and breaks encourage mingling.

Food options should cater for special diets and with fruit accompanying any cake/biscuits or pastries at breaks and a two-course lunch which offers healthy options.

How many participants will there be?

In 2021 there were 90+ delegates in person and a similar number online.  The event was live streamed.

What commitment would be needed from my university?

One of your lecturers or the course director would need to act as lead organiser for the conference and then he or she would need a team of students to help with the day-to-day organisation and running the event.  The Society will provide a list of requirements and a programme of what should be done and by which date and the Student Section will provide key support too. At the event, the local team will be expected to organise registration, direction of delegates, the first evening social get together and as is now the tradition, a morning fitness activity before breakfast. You will also be asked to chair sessions and help host and act as liaison between the Student Section or Nutrition Society and the venue/university. 

How do we go about hosting this?

If you need to discuss the hosting of Nutrition Futures you can email the Nutrition Society Conferences team or call 0207-605-6560.  

Why is Nutrition Futures so good? 

Nutrition Futures is about showing people options and giving advice to help them have their own great Nutrition Future!

Annabel Stacey

Last week I attended Nutrition Futures Live Conference.  It was a fantastic experience where I met great indivisuals and heard about latest nutrition research.  A huge thank you to the organisers for the event.  I look forward to attending next year!  #NutritionFutures21