Why should I put myself forward to join the Student Section and what will I gain from it?

The Student Section is all about people, and making connections and building networks with others at different universities, facing the same education and employment issues as you.  By joining the Student Section you can help facilitate this and other activities for peers in similar situations, whilst at the same time gaining valuable skills for the future.  See what Angelika and Nadege, our current Student section Co-Chairs, say about what they have gained from the experience:

“We believe people should put themselves forward if they have a desire to advance nutritional science by supporting other students who will be the next generation of nutrition professionals. They will have the opportunity to do so in a multitude of ways, as illustrated by the new roles available, and they will gain a great deal from being part of the Student section and getting more involved with the Nutrition Society."

This includes:

  • Developing new skills and acquiring new ones
  • Being the voice of the student members
  • Having the opportunity to put your ideas into practice, in order to help develop the Society's offering to student members 
  • Working with the Society; providing great networking opportunities to help your future career and collaborations
  • Developing and updating your knowledge of nutrition science
  • Giving you a USP to enhance your CV
  • Gaining valuable experience working with a team and on your own.