Types of membership

Membership of the Nutrition Society is available to anyone of any age with an interest in the science of nutrition, whether it is animal nutrition or human nutrition. 

The following membership levels are available:

Full Membership

Full Membership is for members employed within a nutrition related field, or where members have a keen interest in nutrition science, but are not necessarily employed within a nutrition related field.
(One year membership subscription fee is £60)

Student Member

Student members are mainly those students engaged in studying for a first or second degree in nutrition or a related subject. Students qualify for a reduced cost membership during the period of their studies. 

Applications must be supported by a lecturer, tutor or supervisor who need not be a member of the Society. Once you have completed your studies, you will be eligible to become a graduate member of the Society (please see below) 
(One year membership subscription fee is £20)

Graduate Member

Graduate members are recent graduates in animal or human nutrition, or a related subject, and will qualify for membership at a reduced cost for up to two years after graduation.
(One year membership subscription fee is £20)

Retired Membership

Retired membership is open to members who have retired, but who wish to keep up to date with nutrition news and research. It offers all the benefits of Full Membership, but at a reduced cost.
(One year membership subscription fee is £20)

Full Membership (Low Income Countries)

Full membership (low income countries) is available at a reduced rate to members currently living and/or working in countries listed on the World Bank’s list of low or lower-middle income countries.  View the World Bank's List to check if you are eligible for this reduced membership fee. 

N.B. You must be resident in the low/lower-middle Income country to be able to apply for this reduced rate of membership.  We may ask for proof of this.
(One year membership fee is £20)

Full Membership (Unwaged)

Full membership (unwaged) is available on a case-by-case basis. This type of membership is only available for a year at a time and is open to applicants who are able to prove genuine hardship in the event of unemployment, maternity leave etc.  PLEASE NOTE: you will be asked to upload proof of this before membership can be confirmed.
(One year membership subscription fee is £20)