Nutrition Society Training Academy

Why participate in the NSTA?

  • All NSTA training material meets the scientific standards of The Nutrition Society, one of the leading learned societies in the world. 
  • All training is endorsed by the Association for Nutrition (AfN) and appropriate CPD schemes (BSAS for animal and SENr sport and exercise catalogues), assuring you that you are building a credible CPD portfolio. 
  • You will be taught by the leading experts in the field from around the world, irrespective of geographical location. 
  • There is always training for you irrespective of career stage, including undergraduate, postgraduate, freelance and industry based nutritionists. 
  • The NSTA's easy to use webinar platform allows you to participate in training on-demand via phone, tablet and desktop. 

What is the Nutrition Society Training Academy (NSTA)?

The NSTA is a platform that delivers accessible training, to the global nutrition field irrespective of career stage, with the mission of enhancing and investing in the improvement of nutrition science. By participating in the NSTA's training (webinars, workshops, journal club and resources) you can learn in a supportive environment and be assured that you are engaging with the latest evidenced based nutrition research. 


Is there a cost to participate in NSTA training?

Nutrition Society members can benefit from many free webinars, and participate in the complimentary monthly Nutrition Society Journal Club (NSJC). Prices vary throughout the catalgoue, with paid webinars starting at £14.75 and £19.75 for members and non-members respectively. LMIC members can join any webinar for £5. 

Are there group packages and bundles available?

Group packages and bundles are both available, via the fees page on the webinar of your choosing. 

Group packages are available for groups of 7 or more, at a fixed cost of £10 per person. Following registration of your group, you will receive a code for each individual to use when purchasing the selected webinar. This code is valid for 8 weeks from the date of purchase. Purchase a group package.

Webinar bundles are available for purchases of 3 or more of the Society's on-demand webinars, for a fixed cost of £10 per webinar. You will have access to these webinars for 8 weeks from date of purchase. Purchase a webinar bundle.