Provisional Programme

(Please note the below programme is subject to change)

Monday 14 July

13:00–17:00 Registration, The Hunter Halls, University of Glasgow

16:00–17:00 New Member/Delegate Reception at The Hunter Halls West, University of Glasgow

17:00–18:15 Theme Highlight session

Cellular and Molecular
Examination of methylglyoxal levels in an in vitro model of steatosis and serum from patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Elaina Maldonado, University of Surrey

Public Health Nutrition
The effect of prunes on stool output, whole gut transit time and gastrointestinal symptoms: a randomised controlled trial
Ellen Lever, King's College London

Whole Body Metabolism
Isolated and combined effects of protein and calcium ingestion on postprandial insulinaemia, plasma incretin concentrations, and appetite sensations
Javier Gonzalez, Northumbria University

18:15–20:00 Welcome Drinks Reception at The Hunterian Museum, University of Glasgow opened by a representative from the Lord Provost's Office 

Tuesday 15 July

09:00–09:15 Welcome and Opening of Meeting

Boyd Orr Lecture (Plenary Lecture I)
09:15–09:55 Professor Pete Smith (Aberdeen, UK)
Is Malthus still wrong? We can feed a world of 9 billion

Symposium I: Global challenges and solutions in cereal production
09:55–10:25 Dr Steve Cui (Guelph Food Research Centre, Canada)
New challenge for the production of healthier ingredients from cereals

10:25–10:55 Dr William Thomas (James Hutton Institute, Scotland UK)
Drought-resistant cereals: impact on water sustainability and nutritional quality

10:55–11:20 Refreshments

11:20–11:50 Professor Andrew Meharg (Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Rice, the dominant exposure route to the carcinogen inorganic arsenic

11:50–12:20 Professor Huw Jones (Rothamsted Research, UK)
Genetically modified foods: the way forward

Original communications Session 1
12:25–13:35 Original Communications

13:35–14:30 Lunch and Annual Section Meeting

Plenary lecture (II)
14:30–15:10 Dr Paul Whiteley (ESPA Research, UK)
Nutritional management of autism: a case for gluten- and casein-free diets?

Symposium II: New perspectives on carbohydrates and health
15:10–15:40 Professor Ian Macdonald (University of Nottingham, UK)
Digestible carbohydrates and metabolic health

15:40–16:10 Professor Bruce Griffin (University of Surrey, UK)
Relevance of liver fat to the impact of dietary extrinsic sugars on lipid metabolism

16:10–16:40 Refreshments

16:40–17:10 Professor Susan Jebb (University of Oxford, UK)
Carbohydrates and obesity

17:10–17:40 Professor Monique Raats (University of Surrey, UK)
Consumer sense-making of carbohydrates: implications for health

19:30 Ceilidh and fork supper at Bute hall, University of Glasgow

Wednesday 16 July

07.45–08.45 belVita Satellite Session

The science of slow release carbohydrates for a moderate glycaemic response, using belVita as an example

Waterlow Lecture: Plenary Lecture (III)
09:00–09:40 Professor David Sanders (Royal Hallamshire Hospital, UK)
The rise and fall of gluten

Symposium III: Non digestible carbohydrates, gut microbiota and obesity
09:40–10:10 Professor Dr Michael Blaut (German Institute of Human Nutrition Postdam-Rehbruecke, Germany)
Gut microbiota and energy balance

10:10–10:40 Dr Bernard Corfe (University of Sheffield, UK)
Fibre, gut microbiota and appetite control

10:40–11:05 Refreshments

11:05–11:35 Professor Tor Erling Lea (Norwegian University of Life Sciences)
Impact of immune system on gut microbiota

11:35–12:05 Professor Karine Clement (University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI, France)
Do your gut bacteria make you fat?

Original Communication Session 2
12:15–13:35 Original Communications

13:35–14:40 Lunch, Career Event and Annual Charity Meeting

Postgraduate symposium

14:40–15:00 Catherine Fry (King's College London)
Vitamin D and Cardiovascular Disease

15:00–15:20 Mark Hobden (University of Reading)
Resistant wheat dextrin: A prebiotic with anti-obesogenic properties?

15:20–15:40 Sandra Silva (IBET)
Health benefits of olive oil consumption: studies on the importance of phenolic compounds in biological activity

15:40–16:00 Fiona Malcomson (Institute for ageing and health, Newcastle University)
Are non-digestible carbohydrates protective against colorectal cancer via modulation of the WNT signalling pathway?

16:00–16:20 Refreshments

Original Communication Session 3
16:20–17:40 Original Communications

19:30 Gala Dinner at Òran Mór, Glasgow

Thursday 17 July

08:00–08:40  Satellite session

Original Communication Session 4

09:30–11:00 Original Communications

11:00–11:20 Refreshments

Plenary Lecture (IV)
11:20–12:00 Professor Christine Edwards (University of Glasgow, UK)
Dietary fibre: impact on children and adolescent health

12.00–12.40 Nutrition Society Public Health Nutrition Medal Lecture
Dr Mary Flynn (Food Safety Authority of Ireland)
Priority areas for Public Health Nutrition action using the Ottawa Charter

12:40–13:40 Lunch

Symposium IV: Wholegrains, dietary fibre and grain-derived phytochemicals
13:40–14:10 Professor Derek Stewart (James Hutton Institute, UK)
Nutritional quality of grains: are grains all equal?

14:10–14:40 Professor Chris Seal (Newcastle University, UK)
Wholegrain foods and chronic disease: evidence from epidemiological studies and intervention trials

14:40–15:10 Refreshments

15:10–15:40 Dr Alastair Ross (Chalmers University, Sweden)
Bioactive constituents: results from metabolomic studies

15:40–16:10 Dr Edward Chambers (Imperial College London, UK)
A new look at short chain fatty acids: are they important signal molecules?

16:10 Close of Meeting