Speaker opportunities at Mega Evento Nutrição 2017, São Paulo, Brazil

Mega Evento Nutrição syposium 2016

In recognition of the Nutrition Society’s long standing support of the annual Mega Evento Nutrição nutritional conference in Brazil, the Society is once again seeking applications from early/mid-career members who wish to host a workshop/symposium at the conference on behalf of the Society in 2017.  The conference is held annually in the bustling city of São Paulo, and this year runs from 24 – 26 August

Mega Evento Nutrição brings together dietitians and nutritionists from across Brazil each year.  Attendance varies, and last year due to the prevailing economic climate, numbers were lower than the normal average of 700+, being approximately 300 people.  However, the audience continues to be receptive and the Society’s provision of speakers and attendance is always well received and warmly welcomed. 

The organisers have invited the Society to send two members to jointly host a one-day workshop at the conference (or two half days) on Thursday 24 August.  The Nutrition Society workshop normally starts around 09:30, with a break for lunch and will have simultaneous translation into Portuguese.  Expenses for the conference will be covered by organisers and the Society.  This conference provides an opportunity to present to a wider scientific community, to engage young scientists and strengthen scientific connections. 

In previous years, single speakers have attended, but found presenting for a whole day rather challenging, so it was agreed that two speakers provided greater benefit for the speakers and delegates alike.  The Society is flexible in this respect and is happy to consider two single speakers presenting a half day each or indeed, as occurred last year, two speakers running a joint workshop.  Also a  single speaker will still be considered.  The title of the workshop is decided by the speaker/speakers.  As an example, last year’s workshop was entitled 'Benefits of Mental and Cardiometabolic Health of the Mediterranean Diet and Strategies for a Successful Dietary Change' and provided delegates with:

  1. scientific evidence for the mental and cardiometabolic health of a healthy diet based on vegetables, according to the principles of the Mediterranean diet, its intrinsic mechanisms and the role of individual nutrients;
  2. successful strategies used in dietary interventions facilitating the shift to a healthy diet, and including research that demonstrates that the neurological gains associated with the addictive properties of high fat and sugar diets can be successfully modified.

Brazil has around 80,000 dietitians and nutritionists, with most of those attending Mega Evento Nutrição coming from the South and East of the country.  The event is held each year in São Paulo.  The city is busy, lively, and surprisingly hilly, and has over 5500 skyscrapers dominating the landscape.  Although delegates are keen to gain knowledge and broaden their experience, English is not spoken fluently by the majority, hence the need for the simultaneous translation.  The Nutrition Society may be able to help with translation of slides if required. 

Read more about Mega Evento Nutrição and about the city of São Paulo.

How to apply

Applications for Mega Evento Nutrição 2017 are now closed.