Introduction to Human Nutrition

In this second edition of the introductory text in the acclaimed Nutrition Society Textbook Series, Introduction to Human Nutrition has been revised and updated to meet the needs of the contemporary student.

Introduction to Human Nutrition 2nd edition outlines the basic foundations for the study of human nutrition. Besides the basic biology, students will be introduced to food policy and to the dual challenges to the global food supply, both under and over nutrition.

This textbook is an essential purchase for students of nutrition and dietetics, and also for those students who major in other subjects that have a nutrition component, such as food science, medicine, pharmacy and nursing. Professionals in nutrition, dietetics, food science, medicine, health sciences and many related areas will also find much of great value in this book.

For table of contents, sample chapters, multiple choice questions, essay topics and short answer questions, visit the Student Companion Site.

 Edited on behalf of the Nutrition Society by:

  • Professor Michael Gibney (UCD Institute of Food and Health)
  • Professor Susan Lanham-New (University of Surrey)
  • Professor Aedin Cassidy (University of East Anglia)
  • Professor Hester Vorster (North-West University, South Africa)