Clinical Nutrition

In this second edition of the long standing title, Clinical Nutrition has been fully revised, updated and peer reviewed to reflect current guidelines and practices. This editions is designed for use on nutrition courses throughout the world and is intended for those with an interest in nutrition in a clinical setting.

Covering the scientific basis underlying nutritional support, medical ethics and nutritional counselling, it focuses solely on the sick and metabolically compromised patient, dealing with clinical nutrition on a system by system basis making the information more accessible to the students. Practical case studies are included at the end of the textbook to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

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Edited on behalf of The Nutrition Society by:

  • Professor Marinos Elia (University of Southampton)
  • Professor Olle Ljungqvist (Karolinska Institutet & Örebro University Hospital)
  • Dr Rebecca Stratton (University of Southampton)
  • Professor Susan Lanham-New (University of Surrey)