Professor D Joe Millward

Professor Joe Millward
Honorary Fellow
Year Fellowship awarded: 

Professor Millward trained as a biochemist (Cardiff, 1966) and worked with Professor John Waterlow, at the MRC Tropical Metabolism Research Unit in Jamaica and at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (1970–1992). He was appointed to the chair of Human Nutrition at the University of Surrey in 1992 – undergraduate teaching in Nutrition, Nutrition and Dietetics, Nutrition and Food Science; postgraduate teaching in Nutritional Medicine.

From 2008, he became Emeritus Professor and has had much involvement with The Nutrition Society by serving as council member during 1978–1982, 1993–1998 and 2002–2005, and as the Society’s representative on the Royal Society National Committee for Biochemistry from 1976 to 1982. He also served on the editorial boards of the British Journal of Nutrition, (1976–1982, 1993–2002, and since 2012 as Deputy Editor), and Nutrition Research Reviews, (1987–2002).

Professor Millward has been involved in the following national and international activities:

  • Chair: Association of Professors of Human Nutrition (1999-2003)
  • Member of COMA Panel on UK nutrient requirements (energy and protein) (1988-1991)
  • Member of FAO/WHO Expert consultations on protein quality (1989, 2013)
  • Co-Chair of WHO/FAO/UNU Protein and amino acid requirements in Human Nutrition (2001-2007)
  • Special consultant to SACN for Dietary Reference Values for Energy (2009-2012) and for Military dietary reference values for energy (2016)
  • Visiting Professor to St Georges Medical School, Grenada (2006-current)
  • Publications >250 (h-index: 53) on protein turnover, muscle and bone growth regulation, macronutrient metabolism and requirements, especially protein, amino acids and energy; The aetiology and management of obesity, EFA metabolism and CHD risk; and Animal source food reduction and climate change mitigation.