Professor Chris Seal

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Honorary Treasurer
Newcastle University
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Professor Chris Seal is chair of Board of Studies, Food & Human Nutrition BSc. He Joined Newcastle University in 1983 in the Department of Agricultural Biochemistry and Nutrition, where he stayed until 1998 when he moved to the School of Agriculture, Food & Rural Development (AFRD). Outside teaching, his current work focuses on determining whole grain consumption in the UK population, behavioural studies have also been completed on the acceptability of whole grains and barriers to their consumption and antioxidant content of organic and conventional foodstuffs, and the effect of organic farming practices on food product composition and quality. His research interests include the Effect of diet on health and disease, with a particular focus on the role of wholegrain foods, fruits and vegetables in cardiovascular disease prevention. Professor Seal's previous research includes large-scale dietary interventions funded by the Food Standards Agency (a) to investigate effects of increased consumption of wholegrain foods on cardiovascular risk [joint project with the MRC-Human Nutrition Research Group, Cambridge], (b) to assess the usefulness of alkylresorcinols and mammalian lignans and metabolomics as potential biomarkers of whole grain-intake and (c) to investigate the effect of increasing consumption of green leafy vegetables and beetroot on cardiovascular risk factors. Professor Seal is also a member of the steering committees of FSA-funded projects in collaboration with members of the Human Nutrition Research Centre.