Professor Ailsa Welch

Public Health Nutrition Theme Leader
University of East Anglia

Ailsa is a reader in nutritional epidemiology involved in research and teaching at UEA since 2007. Before this she was a key researcher at the University of Cambridge with the European Prospective Investigations into Cancer Study, for 15 years. Ailsa was previously an information scientist at the Royal Society of Chemistry in Cambridge, publishing the UK food composition databases, and a research nutritionist at the MRC Dunn Clinical Nutrition Unit, Cambridge. She was also at King’s College London, based in Somalia and Nigeria. Ailsa practiced as a senior dietitian in Kent and East Anglia for four years.

Ailsa’s research focuses on understanding the importance of nutrition to ageing, with particular emphasis on musculoskeletal health (osteoporosis, fractures, sarcopenia & age-related loss of skeletal mass & function) and dietary fat & protein composition, micronutrients, dietary patterns and acid-base balance. She also researches dietary methodologies and translation of epidemiology into public health and has a long-term collaborative project evaluating public health interventions. She has over 180 publications and an H Index of 69.

Ailsa was co-lead of the Metabolic and Endocrine group of the Norfolk and Suffolk Comprehensive Local Research Network and a member of the national group (between 2008 and 2014) and was co-lead for the Eastern region until 2015. She is an adviser to the UK government for dietary surveys and is chair of the Health & Lifestyle forum and a member of the scientific advisory committee for the National Osteoporosis Society. She is the Public Health Nutrition Theme Lead for the UK Nutrition Society and was previously a member of the Council.