Mr James Dick

Ordinary Member
Year Fellowship awarded: 
University of Stirling
Term in Office ends: 

I am Technical Manager of the Institute of Aquaculture at the University of Stirling with responsibility for 30 members staff. I have overall responsibility for the technical operations, and provision of resources necessary to ensure a standard of service which delivers on the University Strategic Plan

I have 36 years experience within the university since joining the Department of Biological Science in 1983, where I was trained in electron microscopy, histology, and tissue culture and worked in laboratories to supervise students in their practical classes. After obtaining an HNC in Biological Science, I joined the Natural Environment Research Council Unit of Aquatic Biochemistry under Professor J. Sargent in 1987, as a Grade 3 technician, and after promotion through the grades to Chief Technician in 1993, transferred to the Institute of Aquaculture in 1998.

I have participated in management training programmes including ILM5. I have also been a member of University Court as a representative of the staff assembly and participated in a number of University, Faculty and Divisional committees.

I have been appointed by the University Secretary as the Institution Lead in support of our participation in the Technician Commitment Initiative (TCI).

I have 30+ years experience with a wide variety of state-of-the-art analytical techniques. I possess a wide range of skills that provide advice and analysis to the aquafeed, fish farming and processing, agricultural and food producing sectors. I have also developed a novel blood test for the measurement of the omega 3 fatty acid status of human blood samples.

Working with Professor J.R. Sargent, Professor J.G. Bell, Professor D.R. Tocher and Doctors M.V. Bell and R.J. Henderson, I have 80 publications in scientific journals to which I have contributed both technically and intellectually.