Greg Lessons

Committee Member
Year Fellowship awarded: 
London Fire Brigade | London Metropolitan University

Greg was a firefighter for seventeen years, toward the end of which he undertook an MSc in Human Nutrition. His dissertation focused on the dietary behaviour of firefighters and concomitant prevalence of overweight and obesity within this occupational group, which led to the development of a fire-station based dietary and lifestyle intervention pilot trial. This pioneering work yielded significant results and showed high feasibility. Greg presented his work at the 2017 Nutrition Society Winter Conference, winning the award for best original communication. 

Greg’s determined campaign to expand his intervention across more London fire stations was authorised early in 2018 and marked his career change, becoming the first full-time nutritionist employed by any fire brigade. Consistent with the pilot trial, significant results were seen across a larger sample over an extended duration. He is now undertaking a PhD which focuses on the innovation of novel tools for the assessment of firefighter nutritional status alongside the development and rollout of his intervention programme. In addition, Greg ia a part-time associate lecturer in sports and exercise nutrition at London Metropolitan University, and in November 2019 Greg received the Caroline Walker Trust award for Nutritionist of the year.

Greg has presented to the Deputy Mayor and members of the London Assembly at City Hall to a positive reception, and regularly speaks at fire service conferences, communicating nutritional science in understandable lay language. His work was recently featured on BBC London news as well as in several nutrition/health related magazines (NHD; Men’s Fitness; Public Sector Catering; Occupational health and wellbeing; and the Emergency Eervices Times).