Emilie Combet

Committee Member
Year Fellowship awarded: 
University of Glasgow

Dr Emilie Combet is a senior lecturer in nutrition at the University of Glasgow.  She joined the University in 2005, following a PhD at Horticulture Research International (HRI, Wellesbourne UK). Her research focuses on foods, nutrition and the life cycle, with special interest on stress (ageing, nitro/oxidation, obesity and inflammation), the “farm to fork to society” nexus and its implications for all stakeholders (community, industry and clinical settings).

Her group’s work has contributed toward establishing innovative solutions to explore the contribution of diet on lifelong health, including near-market research (reformulated meals, use of novel ingredients) to answer challenges to the nutritional status. She has contributed to television series focusing on diet and nutrition. In 2018, she was the recipient of a British Science Association media fellowship, leading to a placement at The Herald.