Dr Ruan Elliott

Cellular and Molecular Nutrition Theme Lead
University of Surrey

Ruan is a Senior Lecturer in Human Nutrition at the University of Surrey where he has been based since 2011. Prior to this, Ruan completed his PhD at the University of Surrey before spending two years as a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the University of British Columbia and then working as Senior Research Scientist at the Institute of Food Research from 1994 to 2009.

During the course of his career, Ruan has undertaken research in wide variety of areas including, regulatory effects of gastrointestinal hormones on macronutrient metabolism, health-promoting effects of dietary antioxidants, regulation of micronutrient transport and homeostasis and the effects of diet and lifestyle on the DNA damage-repair balance.

It is the molecular mechanisms underpinning the interplay between food and health that fascinate Ruan the most. Throughout his career he has not only made use of cellular and molecular techniques in his own research to elucidate such mechanisms, he has also endeavoured to encourage and facilitate their wider adoption among the nutrition research community. For example, Ruan was a member of the board and leader of the Technology Work Package for the European Nutrigenomics Organization (NuGO), a European Commission Framework 6 Network of Excellence, which involved 23 partner organizations from across Europe. He sees his role as the Cellular and Molecular Nutrition Theme Leader for the Nutrition Society provides an ideal opportunity to continue to highlight and promote cellular and molecular approaches for mechanistic nutrition research.