Dr Janice Drew

Editor of the Proceedings of the Nutrition Society (PNS)
The Rowett Research Institute of Nutrition and Health (University of Aberdeen)

Dr Janice Drew coordinates the Molecular Nutrition course within MSc Molecular/Human Nutrition programme at the University of Aberdeen. At the Rowett Research Institute, Dr Drew is involved in nutrition studies; using human volunteers, to assess health status and inter-individual variation in responses to diet and lifestyle changes to maintain health. Dr Drew's current research is focused on identifying the molecular and cellular effects of diet and exercise on our bodies and how these effects impact on metabolic health, biological aging, healthspan. The research in which she collaborates, may help the food industry to make their products healthier and provide appropriated and effective advice to the public on how best to ensure they maintain good health throughout their lifespan. Dr Drew has presented several abstracts and awarded Best Translational Biology Poster at the SULSA Symposium at University of Glasgow in 2010. Dr Drew is an experienced presenter and has spoken at several international conferences on topics including links with obesity related colon cancer.