Angelika Kristek

Angelika Kristek, Student Co-Chair
Student Section Co-Chair
University of Reading
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Angelika Kristek received her BSc in Public Health from the University of Semmelweis, Hungary. After graduation, she received further postgraduate degrees in the field of public health from the University of Debrecen, Hungary (BSc in Environmental Health, BSc in Quality Assurance and Improvement in Health Care, MSc in Public Health). In 2012, she joined the Nutrition Research group at the University of Reading as a research assistant. During Angelika's research post she was involved in various nutritional clinical research projects, focusing on the effects of dietary polyphenols on human vascular function and inflammation and the effects of probiotic supplements on gut function. In 2013, she was appointed a Flow Cytometer Research Technician to develop a new method to identify gut microbiota diversity. Subsequently, she was offered a PhD at the University of Reading, to explore the long term intake of whole grains oat improvement on cardiovascular health and the intestinal microbiome. Angelika has received the University of Reading Experience and Development (RED) Award due to her volunteering and student mentoring work. Angelika was a key member of the Local Organising Committee for the Student Conference at Reading University in 2017. The same year Angelika was appointed a Co-Chair of the Nutrition Society Student Section.