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Nutrition Society Scientific Meetings



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27-28 March

Joint Nutrition Society and British Dietetic Association Meeting

Nutrition in the Clinical Management of Disease

The Teacher Building, Glasgow

18-20 June

Irish section meeting

Optimal Nutrition for Osteoporosis Prevention

University College Cork, Ireland

7-10 July

Summer meeting

Individual Variability in the Nutritional Response

King's College, London

19-20 November

Nutrition Society and the BAPEN Annual Meeting

Nutrition and metabolism in critical care

Telford International Centre, Shropshire, UK


11-12 February

Winter meeting (jointly with the Food Standards Agency)

Micronutrient interactions and public health

Institute of Food Health, London

19 April

Scottish Section meeting

Plant as Animal Foods: A Case of Catch 22?

The Royal Botanic Garden, Edingburgh

5-8 July

Summer meeting (jointly hosted by the Association for the Study of Obesity)

Obesity: taking theory into practice

Trinity College, Dublin


15-17 June

Irish Section meeting

Micronutrients through the life cycle

Queen's University, Belfast

28 June-1 July

Summer meeting (jointly hosted by the Institute of Food Research)

Plants and Human Health

University of East Anglia, UK


14-16 June

Irish Section meeting

Nutrition and health in children and adolescents

University College Cork, Ireland

3-6 July

Summer meeting

Interaction between genetics, diet, health & disease

University of Aberdeen, Scotland

11-13 December

Winter meeting (hosted by MRC Human Nutrition Research Cambridge jointly with the Neonatal Society supported by the Royal Society of Medicine)

Nutrition in early life - new horizons in a new century

Churchill College, Cambridge, UK


5-6 April

Scottish Section meeting

Nutritional supplements and drug efficacy

The Teacher Building, Glasgow

16-19 July

Summer meeting

Diet and chronic disease

University of Ulster, Coleraine


27-28 March

Scottish Section meeting

Behavioural nutrition and energy balance in the young

West Park Conference Centre, Dundee

18-20 June

Irish Section meeting

The challenge of translating nutrition research into public health

University College, Dublin

30 June-3 July

Summer meeting

Multidisciplinary approaches to nutritional problems

University of Nottingham, UK


7-8 April

Scottish Section meeting

Frontiers in adipose tissue biology

Royal Society of Edinburgh, Scotland

17-19 June

Irish Section meeting

Dietary management of disease

Queen's University, Belfast

29 June-2 July

Summer meeting

Over- and undernutrition: Challenges and Approaches

University of Surrey, UK

15 December

Winter Meeting (Supported by the Society for Experimental Biology and the British Society of Animal Science)

Food supply and quality in a climate-changed world

University of Reading, Surrey, UK


16-17 June

Irish Section meeting

Nutrition- getting the balance right in 2010

University of Ulster, Coleraine

28 June - 1 July

Summer meeting

Nutrition and health: cell to community

Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland

2 December

Winter meeting (jointly hosted with the Molecular Epidemiology Group

Functional genomic biomarkers, nutrition and disease susceptibility

The Royal Institute of British Architects, London, UK


5-6 April

Scottish Section meeting

Nutrition & Health: from conception to adolescence

The Teacher Building, Glasgow, UK

15-17 June

Irish Section meeting (jointly hosted by the American Society for Nutrition)

70th Anniversary: Vitamins in early development and health ageing: impact on infectious and chronic diseases

University College Cork, Ireland

4-6 July

Summer meeting

70th Anniversary: from plough through practice to policy

University of Reading, Surrey, UK

6-7 December

Winter meeting

70th Anniversary: Body weight regulation - food, gut and brain signalling

Royal College of Physicians, London, UK


26 - 27 March

Scottish Section meeting

Future food and health

King's College Conference Centre, University of Aberdeen, UK

16-19 July

Summer meeting hosted by the Irish Section

Translational nutrition: integrating research, practice and policy

 Queen's University Belfast, UK

 10 – 11 September

Postgraduate Conference 2012


 Newcastle University, UK

11 - 12 December

Joint meeting between The Nutrition Society and The Royal Society of Medicine  Dietary Strategies for the Management of Cardiovascular Risk  Royal Society of Medicine, London, UK


18–19 March

Scottish Section Meeting Polyunsaturated fatty acid mediators: implications for human health  Pollock Halls, Edinburgh, UK

1921 June

Irish Section Meeting Childhood nutrition and obesity: current status and future challenges  Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin, Ireland

1518 July 

Summer Meeting

Nutrition and healthy ageing

 Newcastle University, UK

   9–10 September

 Postgraduate Conference  2013    King's College London, UK

 11-12 December

Winter Meeting

Diet, gut microbiology and human health

Royal College of Surgeons, London, UK


18–20 June

Irish Section Meeting Changing dietary behaviour: from physiology through to practice
University of Ulster, Coleraine

1417 July 

Summer Meeting Carbohydrates and health: friends or foes? University of Glasgow, UK

   1–2 September

 Postgraduate Conference  2014  3rd NS Postgraduate Conference University of Nottingham, UK