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Tuesday 8 September - Morning

10:00 Welcome
Professor Julie Lovegrove, President of the Nutrition Society

10:10 Welcome from the Nutrition Society Student Section
Kiu Sum, Nutrition Society Student Section Chair

10:20 Nutrition Society Julie Wallace 2019 Winner: Vitamin D deficiency in UK South Asians: A public health crisis
Dr Andrea Darling, University of Surrey, UK

10:50 Break

Plenary Lecture One

11:00 Sports Nutrition
Dr Graeme Close, Liverpool John Moores University, UK

Workshop One: Public Speaking

11:30 Speaking with Purpose
Vince Stevenson, The College of Public Speaking London, UK

12:15 Break

Plenary Lecture Two

12:30 Public Health Nutrition
Gillian Swan, Public Health England

Workshop Two: Science Communications

13:00 Dr Carrie Ruxton, Nutrition Society Honorary Strategic Communications Officer

13:45 Break

13:55 Original Communications One: Lightening Session