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Thursday 9 January

09:00 Registration

09:30 Introduction
Dr Barbara Fielding and Professor Bruce Griffin, University of Surrey, UK

Session One

09:35 Advancing nutrition science with stable isotope techniques 
Dr Barbara Fielding, University of Surrey, UK

09:45 Tracing fat in and out of the liver
Professor Leanne Hodson, University of Oxford and Professor Bruce Griffin, University of Surrey

10:45 Original Communications Session One: Lightening Talks

11:15 Refreshments

Session Two

11:50 The pros and cons of different measures of insulin sensitivity
Professor Margot Umpleby, University of Surrey, UK

12:15 What can intrinsic labelling of crops tell us?
Dr Tracey Robertson, University of Surrey

12:30 Lunch *

13:30 Original Communications Session Two: Poster Presentations

Session Three

14:15 Individual variation in cholesterol response to saturated fat
Dr Rona Antoni, University of Surrey, UK

14:30 Stable Isotope approaches to measure protein/AA impact on Muscle Protein Turnover
Dr Ken Smith, University of Nottingham, UK

14:55 Measurement of human protein requirements and amino acid bioavailability from plant proteins
Professor Tom Preston, University of Glasgow, UK

15:20 Cellular metabolic pathways
Dr Katherine Pinnick, University of Oxford, UK

15:45 Refreshments

Session Four

15:50 ‘Ask the Experts’ open discussion

16:30 Close of Conference

* There will be the opportunity to take part in a tour of the lab facilities of the University of Surrey