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Scientific Programme Organisers: 

Dr Barbara Fielding, University of Surrey, Professor Leanne Hodson, University of Oxford, Professor Bruce Griffin, University of Surrey and Dr Wendy Hall, King's College London.

The topic is of direct relevance to The Nutrition Society’s Whole Body Metabolism theme which supports and enables the application of whole body metabolism approaches to the study of nutrition. However, the topic will also cover cell models of human nutrition and therefore overlaps with the ‘Cellular and Molecular Nutrition’ theme. The meeting aims to highlight recent research that have used stable isotope tracer techniques. Such studies have irrefutably shaped our current understanding of in vivo metabolism and yet remain a bit of a mystery to many.

This programme will aim to de-mystify their use both under steady state conditions and following physiological stresses such as meal intake and acute or prolonged exercise training interventions. For example, we will show how stable isotopes can reveal what is ‘beneath’ static measurements of plasma glucose and lipid concentrations. The programme would be of interest to anyone involved in learning about how stable isotope techniques can be used to enhance nutrition research. It will also be a great opportunity for stable isotope researchers to come together for a day, share experiences and network.

The scientific organisers for this meeting would also like to offer the opportunity for all registrants of the conference to contribute to the meeting by chairing a session, presenting a poster, or a delivering a 3-minute lightning talk. If you would be interested in this, please contact Dr Barbara Fielding directly via by 13 December 2019.