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Thursday 18 June 2020

Satellite Symposium

08:00 Dietary intervention for gut microbiota modulation – impact on metabolic health in patient cohorts
Dr Eibhlis O'Connor, University of Limerick, Ireland

08:30 Mediterranean Diet in non-Mediterranean countries – impact on chronic disease – results of Randomised Controlled Trials in Heart Health and Liver Disease
Dr Audrey Tierney, University of Limerick, Ireland

09:00 Irish Postgraduate Competition

10:40 Refreshments

11:00 Julie Wallace Award Lecture

11:45 Original Communications Session Three

13:15 Lunch and Irish Section AGM

Symposium Two: Anthropometric, lifestyle and dietary concerns in aging – diagnostic and interventional considerations

14:15 Interactions between nutrition and exercise in health and disease - new dietary approaches to regulate appetite and energy expenditure

15:00 Does Muscle Mass Matter?
Dr Terry Aspray, Newcastle University, UK

15:40 Refreshments

16:00 Diet, nutrition and bone health in old age
Professor Kevin Cashman, University College Cork, Ireland

16:40 Fish, omega-3 fatty acids and brain ageing
Professor Anne-Marie Minihane, University of East Anglia, UK

17:20 Close of Day

19:30 Conference Dinner