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Baroness Camilla Cavendish of Little Venice

Journalist and former policy adviser to David Cameron.

Camilla is an award-winning writer and broadcaster, and former head of the Downing Street Policy Unit under Prime Minister David Cameron. She joined the House of Lords in 2016. She is Chair of Frontline and was a Non-Executive Director of the Care Quality Commission. She has recently released her first book, Extra Time: 10 Lessons For An Ageing World. Interviewing leading scientists about breakthroughs that could soon transform the quality and extent of life, she sparks a debate about how governments, businesses, doctors, the media and each one of us should handle the second half of life.

Professor Richard Faragher

Professor of Biogerontology, School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Science and Centre for Stress and Age-Related Disease

Professor David Gems

Professor of Biogerontology, Institute of Healthy Ageing, UCL