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To benefit from the membership rate, please log in to your membership area before completing the registration. 

As a pre-record webinar, you are able to view the webinar on one of the following dates: 

18:00, Monday 29 July 
12:00, Tuesday 13 August 
15:00, Wednesday 28 August 
07:00, Wednesday 4 September 
18:00, Wednesday 11 September
08:00, Saturday 21 September 
11:00, Friday 27 September 
13:00, Wednesday 2 October
13:00, Tuesday 19 October
13:00, Wednesday 20 November
11:00, Monday 9 December
14:00, Tuesday 7 January 
08:00, Saturday 18 January 

All times are displayed in BST.

Registration is open.  Click on the 'Register Now' option above. You will be asked to pay for your place by credit or debit card at the end of your online booking form.  A booking confirmation will be sent to your email address, which has the webinar link embedded within it. You will be able to use this link to select the time and date you wish to attend, nothing that it entitles you to one session. 

Who should participate?

Clinicians (dietitians, health care professionals, nurses), physicians and general practitioners, academic researchers and teachers, postgraduate students, food policy stakeholders, members of the food industry and commercial sectors.  


If you have any queries or for further information, please contact the Society's Professional Development Manager.