Nutrition and the ageing immune system

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The aim of the webinar is to provide an up to date overview of the evidence for age-related immune decline and the potential for nutrition to affect this.

Learning outcomes:

The learning outcomes of the webinar include:

  1. To have an increased understanding of the immune system and how it works.
  2. To be aware of how the immune system changes in ageing and the health effects of such change.
  3. To understand how good nutrition is important to enable the immune system to function properly.
  4. To be aware of some of the literature around specific nutrients and age-related immune decline.
  5. To be aware that the gut microbiota interacts with the host’s immune system.
  6. To know that the gut microbiota changes with ageing.
  7. To be aware of some of the literature around probiotics and age-related immune decline.
  8. To be aware of uncertainties and controversy.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

This webinar has been endorsed by the Association for Nutrition (EN175)