Learning Outcomes and CPD

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What will the webinar cover?

  • The Human Genome Project Basic genetics
  • What is the difference between Nutrigenomics & Nutrigenetics?
  • Old vs new paradigms in nutrition
  • Diet-gene interaction examples in chronic diseases
  • Limitations of genetic testing
  • Ethics, Regulation and the Nutrigenetic testing market
  • Consumer attitudes and future opportunities for nutrition professionals
  • Where to find further Resources

What are the learning outcomes of particpating in the webinar?

  • Outline the structure and function of DNA and how it is organised in cells to form the human genome
  • Explain what gene expression is and how environmental factors such as diet can influence gene expression and genome function thereby influencing health and susceptibility to disease
  • Explain what the fields of nutrigenomics, nutrigenetics and epigenetics are Demonstrate an understanding of the genetic basis of some chronic diseases
  • Demonstrate a broad understanding of relevant genetics and genomics principles
  • Explain how genetic testing is conducted in practice
  • Understand and be able to explain the limitations of gene testing
  • Understand and explain the ethical and legal frameworks surrounding personalised health
  • Visualise and create future opportunities where chronic disease prevention is concerned
  • Outline relevant resources for accessing further detailed information

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

This webinar has been endorsed by the Association for Nutrition (EN175)