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Thursday 21 June 2018

Postgraduate symposium

09:00  Sleep: A novel target to improve diet?
Haya Al Khatib, King's College London

09:25  Maternal folate nutrition and offspring health: the evidence and current controversies.
Aoife Caffrey, Ulster University, Northern Ireland 

09:50  Nutritional challenges for older adults in Europe: current status and future directions
Laura Kehoe, University College Cork, Ireland 

10:15  Dietary fat composition: replacement of saturated fatty acids with polyunsaturated fatty acids as a public health strategy 
Yvonne Lenighan, University College Dublin, Ireland 

10:40  Refreshments

11:00  The Julie Wallace Lecture: Nutrition and hepatic glucose metabolism
Dr Javier Gonzalez, University of Bath

11:45  Original Communication session three: OC54 - OC70

13:15  Lunch and The Nutrition Society Irish Section Annual General Meeting

Symposium two: Developing and using novel health and nutritional biomarkers

14:15  Approaches to improving micronutrient status assessment at a population level 
Professor Yvonne Lamers, The University of British Columbia, Canada

15:00  Biomarker approaches to assessing intakes and health impacts of sweeteners: challenges and opportunities
Professor Alison Gallagher, Ulster University, Northern Ireland

15:40  Refreshments

16:00  Gut microbiota and health: connecting actors across the metabolic system
Dr Francesca Fava, Fondazione Edmund Mach, Italy 

16:40  Role of metabolomics in identification of biomarkers
Professor Lorraine Brennan, University College Dublin, Ireland

19:30  Conference Dinner, The Crannagh, 78 Portstewart Road