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Wednesday 20 June 2018

09:00  Registration

Symposium one: Current nutritional issues at the population level

09:30 The effect of iodine deficiency during pregnancy on child development
Dr Sarah Bath, University of Surrey, UK

10:10  Picky eating in children: causes and consequences
Dr Caroline Taylor, University of Bristol, UK

10:50  Refreshments

11:10  Folate and related B vitamins through the lifecyle: public health priorities and challenges
Professor Helene McNulty, Ulster University, Northern Ireland

11:50  Protein intake and bone health – contradictions and controversies
Dr David J Armstrong, Western Health and Social Care Trust, Northern Ireland

12:30  Lunch

13:30  Original Communication session one: OC01 - OC27

15:30  Refreshments

16:00  Original Communication session two: OC28 - OC53

19.30  Buffet Supper and Ceili, UEat/Moka Riverside, Ulster University