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Monday 26 March 2018

09:30  Registration and refreshments

10:20  Welcome
Nutrition Society Scottish Secretary and Scientific Programme Organisers

10:30  Plenary Lecture One
Avoid processed and ultra processed foods: Sound bite advice or just a sound bite
Professor Julie Miller Jones, St. Catherine University, St Paul, USA

Symposium One: Competition and bioavailability of dietary components
Chair: Dr Derek Ball

11:30  Physiological and genetic factors affecting pro-vitamin A bioefficacy
Professor Georg Lietz, Newcastle University

12:00  Iron bioavailability: why the fuss?
Dr Dora Pereira, University of Cambridge, UK and Medical Research Unit, The Gambia, Africa

12:30  Approaches used to adjust for bioavailability when deriving dietary recommendations
Professor Sue Fairweather-Tait, University of East Anglia, UK

13:00  Lunch

14:00  Original Communication Sessions

15:30  Refreshments

Symposium 2: Nutrient interactions and their role in protection from chronic diseases
Chair: Dr Emilie Combert Aspray 

16:15  Multiple nutritional factors and autoimmune thyroid disease 
Professor Margaret Rayman, University of Surrey, UK

16:45 Protein and bone health across lifespan
Professor Craig Sale, University of Nottingham, UK

17:15 Relationship between the systemic inflammatory response and nutritional status
Professor Donal McMillan, University of Glasgow, Scotland

17.45 Carotenoids as perecursors of nuclear hormone receptor ligands and further signalling with relevance for diseases of the Western society
Dr Ralph Ruehl, Paprika Bioanalytics BT, Debrecen, Hungary 

18:15 Close of day one

19:30  Conference Dinner